Frank Demcy Mylar
Utah’s Attorney General

Utah Needs a Seasoned Attorney,
Not a Bureaucrat or Lobbyist, As Our Next AG

Defending Constitutional Rights

Only Frank Mylar has been vindicating the constitutional rights of Utah citizens in the court system

U.S. Supreme court just accepted a case Frank Mylar is involved in: Protecting Eastern Utah from Federal encroachment...

Frank Demcy Mylar
Convention Winner

“..but they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint. ” 

– Isaiah 40:31


  • Second Amendment: Frank vindicated the rights of a concealed weapons holder and his wife who were wrongfully denied a Foster Care license.

  • Pro Life: Frank has defended Pro Life sidewalk counselors in front of a Salt Lake Abortion Clinic from wrongful criminal prosecution and won.

  • Parental Rights: Frank won substantial compensation for his clients after suing the state Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) three times, He has several precedent setting appellate cases. Frank will protect parental rights in schools and girls sports and bathrooms without exceptions.

  • Religious Freedom: Frank has fought religious and racial discrimination suits, protected religious expression, and free speech at school board meetings. Frank is determined to protect your first amendment rights.
  • Fighting Federal Overreach: Frank has fought the federal government over land use. He will never stop fighting the feds. Frank will force the Department of Justice out of Davis County, preventing them from regulating how counties operate prisons and jails.

  • Law Enforcement: Frank defended the Highway Patrol Association’s memorial crosses. Frank has taught Corrections Law ant the University of Utah, has taught the Utah Prosecutors, and teaches yearly at the Sheriffs’ Association. He has valiantly defended law enforcement from baseless suits for over three decades.

  • Immigration: Frank will end midnight airline flights and buses depositing illegal aliens in Utah. He will lead in prosecuting criminal acts of illegal aliens.

  • Property: Frank has vindicated property owners from confiscation by the state.


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About Frank


Frank has been practicing law in the courts for over 36 years.  He worked 12 years throughout the Attorneys General office before starting his own law firm 23 years ago to specialize in protecting our rights as Americans. Mylar Law focuses on constitutional and government litigation, law enforcement, civil rights, and religious liberty. Frank is well-known throughout the state as the go-to guy for the Constitutional claims. He has litigated hundreds of civil rights cases in the state and federal courts.


Frank has the experience to hit the ground running in the Utah Attorney General office. For nearly four decades, he has successfully litigated nearly every issue our Attorney General office will likely face. Utah would be hard-pressed to find a more experienced candidate.

  • Frank has a Masters in Business Administration, with significantly more management experience than his competition.
  • Frank was a section chief in the Attorney General’s office, and has worked for 3 different Attorneys General.
  • Director of Legal Affairs for the Dept. of Corrections, supervising attorneys, investigators, judges, hearing officers, and Legislative Affairs, with a staff of over 30.
  • Successfully defended Utah’s State Trooper memorials against American Atheists.
  • Real-world experience litigating several jury trials and has had over 50 trials.
  • Served as an Assistant Attorney General for three different Attorney Generals.
  • Served as Director of Legal Affairs for the Utah Department of Corrections.
  • Litigated several precedent-setting appellate cases at the Utah Court of Appeals, Utah Supreme Court, Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, and at the briefing level of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Attorney General for Utah:

Frank has led and managed a highly successful law firm for 24 years. He is more than ready to manage the Attorney General’s Office.  Frank is a champion of the people. He believes the Constitution is a limiting document designed to protect “We The People” from government while securing our God-given liberties. He does not just believe in these values but has been actively fighting for them in the legal arena for the last 36 years.

Utah needs an Attorney General who understands the office and has real attorney experience in the trenches fighting for our Constitutional rights. Frank brings over three decades of experience, conviction, and passion for defending Utah’s values. We need Frank’s skill and aggressiveness to protect Utah’s interests. In short, we need an attorney, not a politician, as our next Attorney General.

Battle Ready:

Frank has been in the arena. He is battle-tested and ready to stand up for the values of the Great State of Utah. Having argued many cases on a wide variety of Constitutional issues, Frank is prepared to defend Utah’s interests as a sovereign state.


For most of Frank’s career, he has been doing the work that an Attorney General is called to do. His experience in Constitutional law has prepared him to defend our 1st Amendment rights, our 2nd Amendment rights, parental rights, state rights, civil rights, and the rights of the pre-born.


Frank has been married over 36 years, has 5 adult children and 5 grandchildren. Frank and his wife Debby are Certified Christian Conciliators and help reconcile marriages and other disputes.

“As Attorney General, I will defend our Constitutional Rights, while taking back lost ground”

-Frank Mylar

ADF Allied Attorney

Only Frank has the battle-tested experience to step into the arena and make a difference for our state. Utah’s right to self-determination is under assault, and Frank is the attorney to defend against an increasingly heavy-handed Federal Government.

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